The specialised library named after “Giuseppe Ermini”, is currently unavailable because of the 2016 earthquake, which made Palazzo Ancaiani, Fondazione CISAM ’s historical headquarters, and the library itself unfit for use. Nevertheless, backoffice activities carry on, insofar as possible, for cataloguing the modern book collection (monographies and magazines) in the SBN (National Library Service) and for remote reference activities.

For further information please contact :
Telephone: + 39 0743 225630


Headquarters: Fondazione CISAM’s library only venue is at Palazzo Ancajani, 12, Piazza della libertà, Spoleto;
Telephone: +39 0743/225630; e-mail:

Article 2 – Purpose
The Fondazione’s library aims to: a) promote scientific research into the Middle Ages, particularly the early Middle Ages; b) preserve all the material published by the Fondazione; c) provide scholars and the community with scientific documents concerning the topics specifically dealt with by the Fondazione; d) offer advice for bibliographic research; e) amplify the library’s collection and heritage by constantly updating the volumes and magazines on topics of historical and scientific interest and searching for new sources.

Article 3 – Opening hours
The library is open to the general public on Tuesdays (8:00 am – 2:00 pm) and on Thursdays (8:00 am – 2:00 pm).

Article 4 – Access
Access to the Library and its services is free of charge. In order to use the Library, a valid ID is to be shown to the official in charge and a registration form must be filled in (the form includes the user’s personal data, consent for personal data treatment in accordance with the laws currently applicable in Italy set forth under Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, a declaration that the user is aware of and accepts the Library’s rules as well as the regulation concerning the reproduction rights and copyright, as set forth under law no. 248/2000). Use of the Library shall not be permitted for purposes other than studying the volumes available and/or bibliographic research.

Article 5 – Consultation
Books and serial files may be taken straight from the library shelves and may not be borrowed. No more than three volumes and three serial years at a time may be requested. Once submitted the request, the user may consult the material in the venues indicated by the Library official.

Article 6 – Reproduction service
Following a well-grounded request, to be submitted to the Library official, it shall be possible to reproduce parts of the works it owns. Users may – through their own means and once ascertained that such a request is related to study and/or research – digitalise no more than 15% of the document, pursuant to the law on copyright.

Article 7 – Library accountability
Users are not allowed to take documents from the shelves. Once the request is submitted, the Library officials shall hand the books to the user and subsequently place them back on the shelves. The Library shall not be held accountable for any damage suffered by anyone who does not comply with said rule.

Article 8 – Penalties
Anyone violating the aforesaid rules may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Library. Anyone who damages, steals or loses material belonging to the Library shall refund the Library with a sum worth at least the value of the damaged or stolen item. Anyone failing to comply with said provisions shall be reported to the legal authorities.